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Notes are flying around the field. They are visually alike, but each note contains a specific melody.

You have a list of melodies to find. So your goal is simple - to find and collect those melodies that are in your list.

Fire: left_mouse

To collect a melody, just click on the note that contains it.

To find out which melody contains "inside" the note you should use Strings.

Place Strings on the field and when note will touch one of them, melody that contains in this note, will be played. So when you hear the melody you should decide is it the one from the list or not.

To place a String you should first click the Strings button under the melodies list. Then press the left mouse button anywhere on the field, then drag mouse to the another point on the field and finally release left mouse button. String has a specific length.

When note touches the String it also creates a coin. Collect coins by clicking on them. Each coin gives you 1 sec of time and can be used to buy stuff between levels.

If you make a mistake and click the note that contains "not in the list" melody, you will lose some time. Watch the time, when it runs out - you'll fail!

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